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Carver Duncan as Troy Bolton in "High School Musical" Enlightened Theatrics Photo Credit to


"Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre [presents] an undistilled production of this often joyful but sometimes disturbing show... Carver Duncan is excellent as Tony, who is conflicted by his love-at-first-sight feelings for Maria and his loyalty to the Jets."


- David N. Dunkle, PennLive


"Carver Duncan is a fine, fresh Tony, believably a mix of Irish and Polish, who looks young enough to be the kid who works at Doc's drugstore and still has buddies in the old gang.  Duncan and Semevolos have wonderful chemistry, of the sort that makes songs like 'One Hand, One Heart' feel not at all outdated, but charming, and that makes 'Tonight' spark with electricity."

- Marakay Rogers, BroadwayWorld


"Looking like a young Leonardo DiCaprio, Carver Duncan's Tony is portrayed sweetly.  His pretty singing voice gets to shine in perhaps the most famous song from the play, 'Tonight.'"

- Mark Beachy, PA Theatre Guide


"That love at first sight is the part of 'West Side Story' that I never believe... but this time, I almost believe Tony and Maria are in love.  That's thanks to impassioned performances by Carver Duncan as Tony and Alexis Semevolos as Maria.  He is so earnest and sweet... and she is the perfect blend of innocence and strength.  When she and Duncan sing together, it will make you swoon just a little bit." 

- Jane Holahan, Lancaster Online


"'West Side' is an energetic production that is as enjoyable as it is emotional.  The characters are just as opposing as the story itself... with the trustworthy Tony, played by Carver Duncan, contrasting with an always-up-to-the-challenge Bernardo, played by Chris Kane.  The entire cast demonstrates consistent vocal and acting talent... these performers don't disappoint."

- Row L, Seat 1

Caver Duncan as Tulsa

"Carver Duncan, as Tulsa, is a standout as he narrates, builds and performs a sparkling soft shoe routine." 

Gordon Bolar, WMUK


"[Maloney] has excellent chemistry with Carver Duncan (an amazing dancer who does great things with Melissa Sparks’ terrific choreography, including crisp chaine turns) as Tulsa."

-Marin Heinritz, Revue

"Everything about this production is professional. Mulay takes this classic musical and infuses it with power. The cast is large, but everyone is fully committed to it... it is filled with iconic music and incredible performances. Led by Mulay, this cast and crew makes it clear why it is an enduring classic, especially when put into the hands of such a talented group."

- Bridgette Redman, Encore Michigan

Carver Duncan in Plaid Tidigs


"Each guy comes with a personality that emerges in silliness or something deeper.  The authors are extremel;y clever in their kaleidoscopic show of music styles, personality traits and seasonal traditions - giving performers a field day to show their versatility.  As Sparky, the jokester, Carver Duncan unleashes flashy dance moves.  For instance, in "Fever," suddenly he high kicks above his head."


- Warren Gerds,

Carver Duncan as Troy Bolton in "High School Musical" Enlightened Theatrics Photo Credit to

“There are three male and three female singers and all were excellent.  We were completely blown away by the entertainment…  The vocalists are perhaps the best we have ever experienced on a cruise ship.  And, we have experienced quite a few… We thoroughly enjoy the vocal talents of Carver and Brian.  [Their cabaret] was an unexpected treat and one that everyone in attendance really seemed to enjoy…  All I can say is… Wow!”

- Chris Dikman,

“The boys in the cast, whose parents were probably not even born when the Rat Pack was in its prime, gave it their all, skillfully crooning some of the more familiar nuggets by Martin, Davis and Sinatra… “Songscape: An Operatic Fantasy” [is an] impressive show [that] incorporates numerous musical genres from Gilbert and Sullivan to Andrew Lloyd Webber and, of course, Queen.”

- Peter Knego, Maritime Matters

Carver Duncan as Troy Bolton in "High School Musical" Enlightened Theatrics Photo Credit to


"The girls are attracted to the boys, not just for their good looks, but for their impressive dancing... Everything in between is a bit nonsensical, but when it's performed onstage with the talent, enthusiasm and conviction displayed in this production, it all makes sense."


- Di Saggau, Island Sun


"The entire cast seems to enjoy the show - and vividly displays that overwhelming enchanment on stage... Every brother deserves a shout-out..."

- Ambrose Bierce, Naples News


"What makes this production a 'must-see' is Kerry Lambert's spectacular choreography and the over-the-top performance by the entire cast... [It] showcases 24 actors who are highly skilled dancers and fine singers.  Not short on acting ability, the brides and brothers go a step farther and give their characters distinct personality traits that could allow them to stand alone."

- Louise Wigglesworth, News-Press

Carver Duncan as Troy Bolton in "High School Musical" Enlightened Theatrics Photo Credit to


"First off, this production is a dance lover's dream... Most productions trim the dance time - it's hard to get a stage full of dancers of the talent needed to pull the full dance routines off, but Dutch Apple's done it, [and] it's the complete ballet in Laurey's dream sequence that is worth the visit in and of itself. It's rare to see it produced this fully and this spectacularly. Expect to be dazzled, and you won't be disappointed."


- Marakay Rogers, BroadwayWorld


"The famous dream sequence by Agnes DeMille, in which a conflicted Laurey interacts with Curly and Jud, is nicely done here.  Kudos to dancers Carver Duncan and Corinne Munsch." 

- Jane Holahan, Lancaster Online


"One last thing I need to mention about this production of "Oklahoma!" is the wonderful choreography by Ford Haeuser.  The choreography is strong throughout the production, and the ballet in the "Dream Sequence" is stunning."

- Kelli Curtin, Theatre Sensation

Carver Duncan as Troy Bolton in "High School Musical" Enlightened Theatrics Photo Credit to



"The leads, Carver Duncan and Emily Royer, are solid.  Duncan has a great upper register and their voices blend beautifully.  Every cast member is talented and brings an enthusiasm that typifies professional theater." 


- Dennis L. Dunn, Freelance Writer

Carver Duncan as Troy Bolton in "High School Musical" Enlightened Theatrics Photo Credit to

"Still, the entire ensemble is vocally impressive, and other standouts include the merry murderesses who liven up Cook County jail, and Carver Duncan, who gamely portrays each bewildered jury member to big laughs."

-Encore Michigan

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